What We Do

Academic Support and Assistance

The focus of GSGBC’s Academic Support and Assistance is literacy. Helping our members to master reading and writing
skills greatly increases their chances of succeeding in school and beyond. GSGBC Learning Specialists are all Missouri
Certified Educators with at least two years teaching experience.

Literacy Programs

Blueprint for Reading Success

This program is a tutoring program for kids in grades two through four who need extra help. Individualized tutoring plans are created for each child based on the results of the student’s pre-test.

My Reading Coach

This is a computer-based program that teaches reading by helping kids sound out words through letter recognition and phonics. Students then learn words that don’t follow the rules and also learn words that are more than one syllable. In addition, students practice learning comprehension and go beyond the ability to read words to actually start seeing the ideas communicated by the words.

Literacy Workstations

These work stations allow youth in grades two through four to explore reading and writing activities that increase their skills while fostering a love of reading. During workstation time (45 minutes), students choose what they want to read, work at their own pace, learn to work independently or with a partner, and work hands-on with literacy materials.